Building Blocks of Narritive Writing
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Kate Stein

Our 2nd graders have been working hard on their story narratives by focusing on details and dialogue. There are a few techniques that I use that help break down the narrative process and make it enjoyable for every learner.

Gratitude sign
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Jennifer Gravlee

There are two things in this world that we all have in common: 1) Everyone will have a final chapter and 2) Everyone wants to be happy. We are surrounded by books, quotes, podcasts, articles and studies on how to live a happy and meaningful life, but it is when we train our mind that all of those words become reality. The debate is whether happy people are grateful or grateful people are happy.

students unfolding a flag in preparation to raise the flag on Veteran's Day.
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Justin Wimbish

Veteran and Middle School Learning Interventionist, Justin Wimbish shared this reflection during our event to honor Veteran's today.

Indigenous Peoples Heritage Month
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Yuzo Nieto

In celebration of Indigenous Peoples Heritage Month, we encourage all our community members to expand our awareness of the beautiful and contemporary Indigenous cultures that continue to thrive today. Learn more in this blog from Academic Director in Residence, Yuzo Nieto.

Kindergarten Problem Solvers
MaryAnn Dawson

Let's start problem solving in Kindergarten! Learning how to recognize a problem, brainstorm on it and then create solutions are all valuable skills involved with problem-solving. Read the steps on how Aspen Academy Kindergarteners are solving everyday problems every day in the beautiful learning space of their classrooms. 

After School Car Conversations
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Jennifer Gravlee

We all know that moment. That moment, adult picks up kid, kid shuts the door. Adult says, “how was your day?” Then the one-word answer comes, “fine, good, boring, or bad.” Tips for questions to ask your students on the way home to learn more about their day!

images of diwali, clay pot burning light
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Jessie Skipwith

This past week, Aspen Academy recognized the annual five day celebration of the Hindu festival of Diwali. It is always a great gift to recognize the many different families and cultures that make up the Aspen Academy community and here are a few resources to join in this great celebration of Lights & Knowledge over Darkness. 

From S.T.A.M.P. to S.I.L.C.
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Jessie Skipwith and Student S.I.L.C. Club Members

Everything begins and ends with our core values here at Aspen Academy; to Be Kind, Do Good, Work Hard, and to Make the World Better. Our 7th and 8th grade students are leveraging their voice to passions to make this happen and bring these values to life. Learn more from Mr. Skipwith and student leaders in this blog!

students sharing thoughtful praise for colleague's work
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Susan Perkins

In 6th grade Communication and Literacy, we celebrate daily with high fives, shout outs (acknowledgements), and personal notes either on the work or to the student. But best of all, Writing and Reading Celebrations occur at the end of some of our units. 

Building Positive Body Image, Health & Nutrition
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Cindy Hewatt, LMFT

What comes to mind when you think of someone who has a positive body image?  Some people think that the person loves everything about their body, seeing themselves as attractive, popular, or good at sports.  But, when a person has a positive body image, they understand that their sense of self-worth does not depend on what they look like. Learn more from our very own Cindy Hewatt.

chalk board with equations
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Amber Craig

Each week, three students are selected as the mathematician of the week. Students exhibiting perseverance, achievement, and enthusiasm in math on a consistent basis are chosen. See our 5th Grade Mathematicians here!

On Compassion
Jennifer Gravlee

We are living in one of the highest stress times most of us have experienced, we are truly in a mental health pandemic. As stress rises, people tend to cling to "me." Unfortunately, this is also the time compassion is needed more than ever. Learn more about growing compassion, for self and others, in this blog from Leadership Coach Jennifer Gravlee.

Aspen Academy Alums Present at Denver Startup Week 2021
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Katie Becker

Aspen Academy alumni took the Zoom stage at Denver Startup Week in October, in our panel session, “CEOs at Age 14: Key Learnings from Teen Entrepreneurs.” Moderated by Kristina Scala, we heard thoughtful answers to a range of questions that reminded us of the importance of tapping into the most creative people on the planet (kids!).

Singapore Math & Math Resources for Kindergarten Through 4th Grade
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Dana Kohls

Aspen Academy focuses on selecting the best curricula in each subject area, and is committed to continuous improvement and re-evaluating each subject on a four year cycle. Learn more about Singapore Math and see highlighted resources from Lower School Director, Dana Kohls, in this blog.