Reasons Parents Site They Choose Private Schools
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Aspen Academy Contributors

Each fall, our admissions season gears up with open houses, tours and opportunities for prospective families to experience what makes Aspen Academy unique and transformative as an educational institution. Learn how this marries with what parents look for in a private school!

Student with leader hat showing class jobs
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Katie Becker

It has been nearly two years of our world’s experience of unprecedented intensity, change, adaptation, and a heightened sense of the difficulty that surrounds us. While we are so desperately clinging to hope and optimism in these challenging times, as parents, grandparents, and educators, it can be very difficult to practice ourselves, let alone model for our children. Learn more about the 10 Practices that serve as a beacon for leadership for students at Aspen Academy in this blog.

Students from BSE at AMP'd
Jennifer Gravlee

A long celebrated tradition at Aspen Academy is our bi-weekly community wide showcase of student learning and leadership, known as AMP’d (Aspen Morning Program). It is a jam-packed thirty minute variety show, written, produced, and performed by our students. The energy of these mornings is contagious and instills a sense of student pride and belonging, making it a beloved aspect of our Aspen Academy programming. 

jack o lanterns
Dana Kohls & Jessie Skipwith

It is our continual commitment to be a community committed to being kind, doing good, and raising socially responsible global citizens together. Social responsibility takes two forms this year: supporting the health and safety of our community AND ensuring that we are growing in our awareness and understanding of diversity, equity and inclusion competency. Please review our guidelines for 2021 in this blog.

Mindfulness: Finding Space for Silence
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Theresa Letman

Silence and solitude can support our mindfulness as leaders, parents, students, and adults. Learn more from Aspen Academy Leadership Coach, Jennifer Gravlee.

Students prepare for Aspen Morning Program
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Kristina Scala

We are so excited to invite parents and students to be on campus and celebrate this remarkable tradition that showcases student leadership after going virtual in March of 2020. Here are some important guidelines and reminders for Friday, October 1!

student working at desk
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Corey Sampson

As with many transitions, the shift from Middle School to high school comes with questions, curiosity, and concerns. For Aspen Academy families, Middle School Director Corey Sampson recently shared these recommendations (and more) as part of an overview for 7th and 8th Grade families. Check out these 5 takeaways!

Hispanic Heritage Month
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Jessie Skipwith

Hispanic Heritage Month: From September 15, which is the anniversary of independence for several Latin American countries, to October 15, National Hispanic Heritage Month celebrates the histories, cultures and contributions of American citizens whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean and Central and South America. 

Back-to-School Routines and Self Care for Teachers and Parents
Jennifer Gravlee

Parents and educators are natural caregivers that are always finding ways they can help others and improve their classroom and family environment. In the excitement and hustle and bustle of the new school year we tend to let our needs fall to the side. Learn strategies for refueling via self care from Aspen Academy Leadership Coach, Jennifer Gravlee.

National Suicide Prevention Month
Cindy Hewatt, LMFT

Thinking about talking to your kids about suicide or thoughts of suicide can be very scary. Seeing your child depressed or struggling can break your heart.  People can worry that if they discuss suicide with someone, it can lead to them acting on the "suggestion,”  but research shows that talking about suicide does not lead people to act on it. Learn more in this blog by Cindy Hewatt.

laughing child in the grass
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Dana Kohls

We're a couple weeks into school and it's only natural that young learners are realizing they are no longer in the "honeymoon" phase of back-to-school. This is their new regular routine and some behaviors may be showing up in your child that are natural and not an indication of whether or not they like school. You may have noticed your child is more likely to cry or share, “I don’t want to go to school. What's a parent to do?

Students pose with apples from harvest at Aspen Academy
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Maureen Mullen

During the first week of school, with apple tree branches filled with apples, 8th graders set to work harvesting. The class then donated the majority of our apple harvest to a local food bank in Littleton that serves 350 individuals in our community weekly. Read on for more about the important work our students are doing as leaders in the community.