History and Memory in Middle School - Reflections on September 11th
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Caitlin Craig

Dr. Julie Johnson visited our Middle School classes in early September to talk about her experience living in New York City during 9/11, and shared her perspective on history as the students talked about how the recounting of events can be affected by one’s own memory. Julie talked about how history and memory are intertwined, and how history helps shape memories and can make us more aware of the human experience.

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Dana Kohls & Jessie Skipwith

It is our continual commitment to be a community committed to being kind, doing good, and raising socially responsible global citizens together. Please review our guidelines for 2023 in this blog.

Thank you for your Generosity!
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Aspen Academy Contributors

Our teachers have been enjoying so many experiences thanks to you all! Thank you for your generous ticket donations and mountain getaways!

Celebrating Neurodiversity at Aspen Academy: Our New Affinity Group for Parents and Students
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Jennifer Bonicelli, Aspen Academy Parent

In our ever-evolving world, diversity and inclusivity are fundamental values in education. At Aspen Academy, we take these values to heart and believe that every child is unique and capable of achieving greatness. We recognize that every student learns differently, and we view neurodiverse learning approaches as unique gifts that each individual brings to this learning environment.

Cultural Curiosity in September: Celebrating Diversity and Inclusion at Aspen Academy
Jessie Skipwith

When we approach our roles as educators and parents with open hearts and minds, we embark on a journey of continuous learning, discovering the unique identities and backgrounds of our students and their families. As the Director of Elevate at Aspen Academy, I've had the privilege of being part of a vibrant and diverse community, constantly curious about the rich tapestry of lives that intersect here.

How Aspen Academy Students Develop In-Demand Skills for Success in a Dynamic World
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Aspen Academy Contributors

Since our inception as a Denver-area private school focused on entrepreneurship, we have remained steadfastly focused on developing passionate, lifelong learners who graduate from our school empowered to be confident, curious and innovative.

Kristina Scala presenting to Middle School parents.
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Aspen Academy Contributors

Back by popular demand for 2023-2024! Following your student's performance at AMP'd, spend time with other grade-level parents and our Lower School Team or Middle School Team, Director, Student Success Coach and School Counselor, learning about exciting aspects of the year for your student.

Sign says "Welcome Back"
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Jessie Skipwith

Your Elevate team is here to support you and your students in so many ways. The Elevate program consists of three primary areas of service; Social Emotional Health and Wellness, Strategic Academic Success, and Cultural Competency. Through these three areas of personal development, Aspen Academy remains truly intentional in its work to meet individual students where they are on their personal growth journey.

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Chris Holtzem

Summer can be an exciting time for students who are taking on new responsibilities (and summer jobs), which can warrant providing them with smart phones and watches. Check out some articles below for how to navigate getting smartphones for your children from selection to security settings.