Connecting as a Community: A Note from our PCO President
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Debbie Schwartz

Hear more on connnecting as a community from our PCO President, Debbie Schwartz, including invitations to upcoming events for parents! "In a year when many of our families are  each facing our own challenges, we can still play a special role here. It may not mean volunteering in the traditional sense, a simple call or email or saying “hi” to another parent at pick-up is just as important (if not more) than logging volunteer hours..."

Celebrating Our Community of Kindness
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Jessie Skipwith

Aspen Academy is grateful for the diverse tapestry of students, families and life experiences that are celebrated within our community. This spring we recognize the variety of historical and family traditions, religious celebrations, and the multitude of walks of life that make up our Inclusive Community. 

Women's History Month
Aspen Academy Contributor

Learn about the origins of Women's History Month from 5th grade student, Anna F. as well as a few other ways students are learning about significant contributions to subjects including literature and mathematics by women.

Students Create Light Shows in STEAM
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Katie Behrmann

Seventh grade students recently combined both circuitry and computer programming to create light shows along with their favorite songs. Using code, software, and circuit boards, students programmed a series of LED lights to light up at different intervals while engineering a physical installation with light-altering materials. Check out their work in this blog.

8th Graders Create Self-Portraits and Explore Their Story
Octavia Betz

At Aspen Academy, in each grade, students are asked to do some form of a self-portrait. This is beneficial for developing the skill of drawing but more importantly it re-enforces the importance of encountering ourselves. Eighth graders were asked to encounter themselves by finding a part of their body they are proud of, examining the story behind that part of themselves, creating a final image which includes the Double Exposure Technique using Pixlr or Photoshop Software, and writing an artist statement to capture their thoughts and explorations

Aspen Academy Faculty & Staff Staying Well During a Pandemic
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Lisa Teets

The Aspen Academy Big Shot Bracket Challenge started on February 24!  Inspired by March Madness and the annual NCAA basketball tournament, this elimination challenge provides an opportunity for fun and healthy team-based competition. Learn more about how faculty and staff are staying well and supporting teammates in this fun challenge.

STEAM Education Q&A With Katie Behrmann & Chris Lazartic
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Katie Behrmann & Chris Lazartic

With education rapidly-shifting, what are trends in STEAM that our educators are monitoring and anticipating for STEAM/STEM education in the coming years? Learn more from this Q&A with Katie Behrmann and Chris Lazartic.

Inspiring Science: Seventh Grade Periodic Table Challenge
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Alex Jennison

Mr. Jennison recently asked seventh grade Chemistry students to create life-sized representations of the Periodic Table of Elements. The purposes of the project included: learning how to use resources to find information about an element of the Periodic Table; making a Fact Sheet and an “Element Square” for the assigned element; and creating a large scale periodic table as a class. Learn more about the project in this blog. 

Understanding Your Middleschooler And The Challenges You May Be Facing
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Cindy Hewatt, School Counselor, LMFT

”While tweens and young teens are growing in all areas, in none is it more obvious than their social/emotional development. These changes coincide with the transition to middle school, which demarcates the shift to adolescence as we think of it. Understanding this complicated time will help you best guide your child through it. 

Cindy Hewatt addresses some of the common challenges for middle school students and how parents might respond to support their students during tough times.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion community
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Brita Gaeddert & Dr, Rich Resendez

In many schools, their programs for art, dance music, theater, fitness, language, and STEAM are considered “specials.” At Aspen Academy, Our programs are “Essentials” because we believe they are Essential ingredients in a life well-lived. Given their significance in our student’s lives, they are also crucial programs for integrating our commitment to Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JED/DEI).

How Outdoor Classrooms Foster Learning at Aspen Academy
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Bailey Taber

When Aspen Academy’s reopening guidelines were shared, there was a new need to leverage more outdoor learning spaces for classrooms. Faculty members were encouraged to incorporate the curriculum in new ways outside of the classroom. Jessica Cho (5th & 6th Grade Instructor, Earth & Physical Science, Student Leadership Coach, Science Department Chair) and Annette Calhoun (Pre-Kindergarten Instructor & Leadership Coach) have shared their thoughts on leveraging outdoor spaces for the benefits of learning.

Celebrating Black History Month at Aspen Academy
Brita Gaeddert

Walking around the halls of Aspen Academy this month students have been greeted by quotes from Martin Luther King, rotating celebrations of Black historical figures, and additional Black history content in our lessons. We pride ourselves in integrating Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice into our continued work and education but enjoyed shining a spotlight on this history this month

teaching COVID
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Brita Gaeddert & Middle School Contributors

Several of our Middle School teachers and faculty took time to talk with me about their Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) efforts: Corey Sampson (Middle School Director), Eric Peterson (8th Grade Communications & Literacy), Susan Perkins (6th Grade Communications & Literacy), and Jake Lovett (5th & 6th Grade Social Studies).

Checking In with Child Mental Health Awareness Month
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Cindy Hewatt, School Counselor, LMFT

The holidays have passed, we are entering 2nd quarter and the pandemic continues to impact all our lives, it's important to remember our kids and be aware if we see changes that are concerning.  It's not uncommon to have a let down after all the activities, or this year, the changes to holiday routines and traditions.  The signs to look out for are very similar to those we watch for with adults and teens, take a look at the list below.