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Kristina Scala

We hope you had a wonderful break and holiday season with your family and friends and took time to restore and celebrate the accomplishments of 2019 as well as to look forward to the possibilities and opportunities in the coming year and decade.

On behalf of the entire team, I’d like to thank you for your positive and productive partnerships over the last year as well as for your support with the new schedule that allowed the faculty the opportunity to conduct a full professional development day on Monday, January 5th.  Each academic domain team was able to meet together for the entire day to focus on curriculum development as well as instructional development in order to ensure the highest caliber of content and delivery to our students. That concentration of time at the mid-year point was invaluable. Additionally, Jake Lovett, Middle School Civics Instructor led the “Women and American Story” conference here that was attended by teachers from throughout Metro Denver.  It was a big day and we are grateful for your support in making it happen.

I also want to invite you to mark your calendars for a very special morning later this month. 

Friday, January 24, 2020

State of the School8:30am

We believe this is one of the most meaningful opportunities to convey important information regarding the school’s growth, performance and goals. Each year, we encourage 100% of parents to attend this special community event. 

Student Entrepreneurial Expo, 9:30am

Our Kindergarten-7th Grade Entrepreneurs will be showcasing their class and grade-level businesses following the State of the School. They are elated to share their businesses, wares and learnings with each of you. This is easily one of the most exciting and impactful days in our students’ lives each year and we’re so very enthused to have each of you be a part of it!


About the Author:

Kristina Scala is the Founder and President of Aspen Academy, Aspen Youth Leadership Institute, Aspen Entrepreneurial Institute, Aspen Academy Investment Fund, Bear’s Student Enterprises, and MODI. Scala is a thoughtful and creative leader, passionate entrepreneur, enthusiastic educator and master facilitator who presents on topics of education and personal, leadership, entrepreneurial, and parenting development. She works to inspire and motivate people to live a purposeful and authentic life through being kind, doing good, and making the world better through what we think, say, and do.