Welcome Back From ELEVATE



Team ELEVATE would like to extend a warm welcome back to the 2019-20 school year! We hope that you, your families and loved ones, all had a wonderful summer enjoying those activities that you find rejuvenating and enjoyable. We are looking forward to an amazing year with your children and families here at Aspen Academy and we want to invite you to reach out to Team ELEVATE at any time. The ELEVATE program is here to support ALL students and families in the Aspen Academy experience. ELEVATE focuses on meeting the needs of all students by meeting individual students ‘where they are” along their academic, social-emotional and developmental journey. Operating within the fundamental belief that “all students learn in their own way”, ELEVATE works collaboratively with students, faculty and parents to identify the strengths and opportunities for growth in each student, while serving as a supportive partner with parents to facilitate courageous and healthy growth in our students. We are so excited to invite all parents to reach out to Team ELEVATE at any time to explore the many ways that we can support your student(s) in their personal and academic growth. Please know that early communication of any and all academic needs allows us to begin making a positive impact more quickly; so we look forward to hearing from you soon. Have an outstanding year and we hope to hear from you shortly, Allison Mattivi, Lower School Psychologist, allison.mattivi@aspenacademy.org Megan McKnight, Learning Specialist, megan.mcknight@aspenacademy.org Jessie Skipwith, Middle School Student Success Coach, jessie.skipwith@aspenacademy.org