March 8 - Health Awareness & Spring Break Travel Reminder

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Kristina Scala


Dear Aspen Academy Community:

As we enter the coming week I suspect COVID-19 is on a lot of people’s minds. There are 8 reported cases in Colorado.  We continue to monitor information from the CDPHE, CDC and other organizations and are committed to a cautious and proactive approach to minimizing risk for COVID-19 exposure and spread in order to ensure the safety and security of our students and professional team.

Aspen Academy employs a daily hospital grade disinfectant protocol for the entire building and all learning and common spaces.

Additionally, the maintenance crew and I did another deep building wide disinfecting round again this afternoon in every leaning space, common space, chair, table, doors, surface, stair banister, door handle, corner bead, light switch and every other single nook and crack of this building this afternoon (Sunday) for safe measure. We will continue this end of the week deep disinfecting as a continued layer of precaution through this COVID-19 period.

We will spend the next couple mornings in every class reinforcing habits and developing understanding that will help us all stay healthy including:

  • Frequent hand washing and how to wash hands effectively.  Will you help us here by asking your child to wash their hands once they enter the school? Our early and elementary teachers will help the younger students start their day with hand washing too.
  • Frequent surface cleaning and disinfecting.  Teachers and students will clean and wipe down surfaces regularly throughout the day.

With regard to the upcoming spring break,  if  your family travels to a country that the CDC classifies as Level 2 or 3 (for example, Italy is level 3 and Japan is Level 2), then we would ask you not to send your child to school for 14 days from the date you returned to Colorado.  Likewise, if subsequent to your return, a country or location in the USA you visited is designated as Level 2 or 3, we would ask you and your child(ren) to refrain from coming to school for 14 days from your return. If for any reason you will be self-quarantining, please contact me.  Here is the link to the CDC page classifying countries by level.

The original hope was that COVID-19 could be contained to areas of initial outbreak.  The general sentiment is that due to international travel, we have now moved into a new phase as was evidenced when it was reported on Friday that the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) confirmed that St. Anne’s Episcopal School in Denver was dismissed early “because of potential exposure to COVID-19.” It’s been reported that the individual had not been in their school building in over a month, had self-quarantined and CDPHE has been diagnosed as presumptive positive. Both CDPHE and Denver Public Health said the risk of transmission is “extremely low” and neither organization recommended that the school be closed. St. Anne’s has indicated that they plan to disinfect the building before faculty and students return.

Our teachers have been fantastic partners as they continue to prioritize the continuity of student learning by being enormously adaptable to learning new digital learning platforms that we have to potential remote teaching needs. Training on virtual remote teaching will occur for our faculty before and after school on Monday and Tuesday next week. 

As a reminder, we will be dismissing students for spring break following classes and extended-care on Thursday, March 19 so faculty can train on and test the virtual learning systems. There will be no school on March 20.

Resources regarding COVID-19 are below and are available in English, Spanish, and Mandarin.


Kindest Regards,

Kristina Scala

Head of School