Traditions: 10th Annual 8th Grade/Faculty Basketball Game

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Theresa Letman

"I believe in tradition and innovation, authenticity and passion." - José Andrés

Since Aspen Academy opened the doors on our University Boulevard campus in 2008, the students and faculty have played a basketball game against one another on the Thursday prior to Winter Break. The game is a highlight event of our "Spirit Week" festivities. In 2018, a new rule was adopted and the student team was comprised of 8th Graders.

Each year, this event is a remarkable way our community gathers to celebrate together around this tradition. 

Fresh off the Boys Basketball Independent School League Championship title, and buoyed by team members from the rest of their class, the 8th Grade students took the trophy this year. Enjoy this video highlight reel produced by student, Jemma Taylor:

Winners by year:
2008: Students
2009: Faculty
2010: Faculty
2011: Students
2012: Faculty
2013: Students
2014: Students
2015: Faculty
2016: Faculty
2017: Students
2018: Students