Top Blogs of 2019

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Aspen Academy Contributors

Our Aspen Academy faculty and staff have contributed articles on learning in the classroom, helpful advice for supporting students, and successful student endeavors over the past year. As we reflect on the end of the decade, here are the Top 6 most popular blogs from our team!


1. How Curiosity Changes Things (By Kristina Scala): This year, Aspen Academy is on a journey of curiosity, of understanding and celebrating one another, and of learning more. We’ve discovered some ways we can better celebrate our own curiosity. Read more

2. And the Winner Is...(By Aspen Academy Contributor): After making it through two rounds of “shark tank,” pitching their businesses to successful entrepreneurs last week, six 8th Grade students were selected for the final round of pitching today at Aspen Academy. Students received coaching, counsel and were asked tough questions by local celebrity entrepreneur judges whose careers span industries from retail to healthcare. The finalists’ businesses range from baked goods for one and lip scrubs to an iPhone app and customized athletic apparel. Read more

3. Welcome Back from ELEVATE (By Jessie Skipwith): The ELEVATE program is here to support ALL students and families in the Aspen Academy experience. ELEVATE focuses on meeting the needs of all students by meeting individual students ‘where they are” along their academic, social-emotional and developmental journey. Operating within the fundamental belief that “all students learn in their own way”, ELEVATE works collaboratively with students, faculty and parents to identify the strengths and opportunities for growth in each student, while serving as a supportive partner with parents to facilitate courageous and healthy growth in our students. Read more

4. Hosting a Book Tasting (By Gabriella Fratta): As a teacher, I am always looking for new ways to get kids excited about books and reading. This year, hosting “book tastings” has been such a hit! As an avid reader and book lover, one of the most important things for me is to try and instill a love of reading in all my students. Read more

5. Helping Support Your Student in Their Study Routines and Habits (By Jessie Skipwith): Building positive habits and routines that support your child in their learning is one of the key ways that parents can support their children at home along the journey toward academic and personal success. Here at Aspen Academy we will work to partner with our parents to help implement such strategic routines that empower our students towards becoming increasingly self-aware, more personally accountable, and bringing each student to a place where he/she feels more empowered to pursue their passions and to attain their personal goals. Read more

6. Tools to Use to Help Learners Become Innovators (by Chris Lazartic): As the holidays approach, we may consider purchasing toys, technology, kits or other fun gadgets for the children in our life. As teachers, we may look to spice up our learning environment after the first three months of school. Some of these items may facilitate learning on a higher level, while others may serve more entertainment purposes. I’d like to think about each of these items existing on an “Innovation Scale”, with those that offer learners the experience to create and learn existing on one end of the spectrum, and those that provide a more passive, consumptive experience on the other. Read more

Did you have a favorite blog that didn't make the Top 6? Let us know in the comments and we'll share more of the same in 2020!