Top 5 Things to Look for When Deciding on a Private School

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Each fall, our admissions season gears up with open houses, tours and opportunities for prospective families to experience what makes Aspen Academy unique and transformative as an educational institution.

For parents, they research many aspects of school for their children, from academics to school reputation. Recently, the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) conducted research to see what parents are most interested in when evaluating schools. The Top 5:

  1. Love of Learning
  2. Education That Will Challenge
  3. Moral Character
  4. Social Emotional Development
  5. Individual Attention

The chart above shows other criteria that factors into the decision-making process for parents. How does Aspen Academy stack up?


Love of Learning

One of the remarkable things about Aspen Academy is the way students “run” into the building. Any given morning, you can stand in the lobby and enjoy laughter and excitement as students rush into the school to start their day. It’s palpable and one indicator of the Love of Learning that happens on our campus.


Education That Will Challenge

In order to challenge students, education must be consistent: In March of 2020, within 12 hours of Governor Polis’ request that schools across Colorado close their campuses due to COVID-19, Aspen Academy’s team pivoted its entire learning platform to a digital model and by the next school day, students were fully engaged in virtual classes. That year, 94% of students met or exceeded their academic goals in reading and math. In 2020-2021, students achieved the same growth, again, despite the uncertainty of the global pandemic. Our top-rated academic programs are reviewed every five years, ensuring we are continuously improving to provide our students with the best program. In addition, we created our own award-winning curriculum for students to learn leadership and entrepreneurship skills for life, Future Holders.


Moral Character

Students spend tireless hours learning about and committing to servant leadership and service learning that connects them to the community and our values: Be Kind. Do Good. Work Hard. Make the World Better. Each year, Aspen Academy students support 14+ organizations via service learning projects, donate nearly $2,500 through Dress Down Dollar Days, and complete 7,000 hours of service learning.


Social Emotional Development

Aspen Academy’s Elevate Student Support Services and four dedicated staff members reflect our ongoing commitment to serving students from a holistic perspective, in their social emotional development. Elevate support starts in the classroom, where students are learning, by equipping teachers to recognize and address needs.


Individual Attention

Each student at Aspen Academy receives a Personalized Instruction Plan (PIP) catered to their learning style and needs. Teachers work with parents and students to identify their strengths and opportunities, to bring to life a year that allows each student to grow, learn, and lead.


The list goes on, and so does our innovative approach. As a school, it’s our vision to be a national leader in innovative and transformative education. We listen to our students. We understand the needs of the workforce of the future. We build programs that inspire students to love learning and succeed in life.

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Image courtesy of NAIS.