Tips for Students & Parents Successfully Transitioning to a New School

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Kate Shaw & Julie Moreau

With the new school year upon us, we have many new friends joining our community and with a couple unconventional years, resilience has been a huge focus for us at Aspen Academy. We’re also eager to create a space where all students feel a sense of belonging from their visit days or tours, and each and every day they step on campus. Here are three things that students and parents can do to make the transition successful.


For Students:


1)    Reach out to their student ambassador! In the spring and summer, new students at may have received a note from their future friends welcoming them to Aspen Academy. Those students are eager to support others in learning about our school, community, and answering questions.

2)    Practice introducing yourself: It’s so helpful when someone introduces themselves and we have the ability to connect with new students. Whether it be faculty, students, or staff, everyone is eager to know the newest members of our community and what they’re interests are.

3)    Join after school activities. Especially for older students, this is a great way to get to know other students who share similar interests!


For Parents:


1)    Volunteer. Schools often have opportunities for on-campus and off-campus volunteering to accommodate families that may not be able

2)    Ask the enrollment team about who lives in your neighborhood: Especially if you’re new to your neighborhood, you may not know other families who live close. 

3)    Waiting for kiddos at pick up? Introduce yourself to other parents: In our case, parents from students in your grade will be parked around you! Get to know them and ask them your questions: they’re likely to have informative answers and be excited to meet you.


We’re here to support and answer any questions you may have as new families, so please reach out to your enrollment contacts. We’re familiar with the school and can steer you in the correct direction for any questions you may have so you have an incredible experience.

About the Author

Julie Moreau, Enrollment Coordinator

Julie comes to Aspen Academy with many years of experience in building relationships in both the technology and medical field. She was inspired to bring these skills to Aspen Academy because of her love of the community and desire to share this with current and prospective families. Julie is grateful for the opportunity to engage and learn from each family at Aspen, and play a role in expanding the community.

Julie grew up in Littleton, CO earned a degree from Florida State University in Management Information Systems.

She and her husband enjoy watching their three kids explore their passions. She also loves fitness classes, travel and skin care in her spare time.



B.S., Management Information Systems, Florida State University