The Top 5 Things To Look For In A Preschool

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Lara Knuettel, Director of Advancement

Finding the right preschool for your child is an exciting step in your life as a parent. Regardless of the type of program you're looking for, there are several crucial factors to consider. While safety and academics will be key to your decision making, where your child attends preschool matters.

The highest quality programs are designed to provide ample opportunities for your child to socialize, play, learn and express his or her individuality in a nurturing and accepting environment.

Here Are 5 Important Things to Look For:

Intentional Play
In the context of a warm and nurturing environment, children discover meaning through exploration, learning activities, and games that integrate many content areas into one thematic unit of study. Great early childhood programs also recognize the power of play and the need for young minds to create and imagine.

Reading Readiness
A Pre-K literacy program thrives on play and hands-on excitement! Children should be deeply engaged in a myriad of active and meaningful learning centers that create the perfect environment for profound and important learning. In order for children to reach their full reading potential, it is important for teachers to lay a strong foundation in the fundamental building blocks of pre-reading. Find a program that is rich in these skills and gives children the opportunity to practice and hone their understanding of early literacy on a daily basis is important.

Nurturing Teachers
Teachers open the doors to learning by preparing an environment that supports exploration and discovery as the building blocks of knowledge. Children should begin their journey of becoming active and engaged learners with confidence, curiosity and imagination. The expertise of the faculty should shine through as they inspire each student to explore, discover, take risks, and make choices.

Math Focus
Four- and five-year olds are becoming skilled organizers and untiring negotiators who appreciate fairness, reason and logic. Time should be spent exploring their wonderful ideas and making sense of the world around them. Projects should be driven by children's interests and inquiry and may involve an entire class or a small group. The curriculum should be designed to allow children to express their increasing confidence and independence, while meeting the challenge of their noisy curiosity, energy and endless enthusiasm.

Family partnerships
A positive social-emotional atmosphere created by a healthy, supportive community increases the ease with which all learning takes place. During the early childhood years, young children begin to develop their confidence and self-esteem. Communication should be open and ongoing. Families and teachers should work together as partners to facilitate your child's initial adjustment and continuing development. Communication between home and school is the key to every child's success.

Visit Aspen Academy's Preschool

If you are looking for a high-quality preschool for your child, we invite you to visit Aspen Academy in Greenwood Village, Colorado. We remain as committed as ever to our belief that the role of a preschool is to offer children opportunities to form lasting friendships and develop independence and confidence in their emerging social and academic abilities. Teachers at Aspen Academy provide foundational lessons that match the individual readiness of each child to ensure that they experience success every day.