Supporting Your Students in Coming Back to School

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This year is shaping up to be unlike any other. Seemingly every conversation is filled with wonderings about what school will be like. So, we asked some of our faculty members: “What can parents can do to support students coming back in the coming school year?” Here’s some of their advice:

“Normalize health and safety practices in school starting at home. Share with students that they may have to take precautions coming back to school, and begin the conversations at home about what to expect. Lean into conversations about why these safety procedures are being used when your student is working to understand why they have to do all these new things. Model careful listening and talking to others. We have seen a lot of social change over the summer, and preparing our students to listen and give permission to ask questions can facilitate great in-classroom conversations.” - Octavia Betz, Visual Arts Instructor

"As a theater teacher, I would highly recommend practicing wearing masks at home. Play guessing games with what you're feeling with the masks on. By having our younger friends more used to reading and expressing emotions through eye contact and body language, we will set them and their teachers up for a better experience this year." - Devon Buchanan, Drama Instructor

“Include calm, peaceful times in your child's afternoons and evenings. Maintain a schedule that allows them to go school rested and ready to learn. Fill your child's life with a love of learning by encouraging curiosity and respect.” - Annette Calhoun, Pre-K Instructor

"Parents can help their children establish and follow a balanced routine or schedule next school year. Work, play, exercise, meals, rest and down time should be effectively worked into all learners' lives, especially childrens'. Children, especially those in the PreK-5th grade range, significantly benefit from routine, but typically have difficulty following them under their own accord. Parents can play an active, supporting role in their child's lives by providing gentle verbal or visual reminders, or helping them set these up for themselves as they approach middle school." - Chris Lazartic, Technology and Innovation Manager

What's your favorite tip for supporting your learner in coming back to school (share in the comments below)?

About the Author

Octavia Betz,  Visual Arts Instructor

Octavia has taught art in several different capacities throughout her career with ages 1-95. She loves that at Aspen, our students have many opportunities to explore their identities, which can be as broad as they want it to be. Outside of work, she likes to create art of her own and enjoys the outdoors with her family. She is currently working on a trapeze act while camping with her husband.