Summer Resources for Student Leaders & Entrepreneurs: FUTURE HOLDERS

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Katie Becker

It has been a long planned initiative to move the content of our Aspen Youth Leadership Institute and Aspen Entrepreneurial Institute curricula to the market in service to students all over the country.

Long before the effects of COVID-19, we knew that an agile model for delivery was of utmost importance. That has been confirmed, more quickly than expected, in the rapidly changing landscape of education in current circumstances. Resources for parents schooling at home and educators teaching virtually is a necessity. Social emotional support, leadership development, financial management, and an entrepreneurial skill set to create jobs for the growing population of those unemployed have never been more relevant, or more critical.

Back in February, we landed on the name of Future Holders, recognizing that we are preparing students for the futures that await them, however uncertain, providing them with critical life skills required to succeed. Since then, (and at an even more accelerated pace since our closure on March 13th) we have been preparing to launch the first phase of our product: the online version of our curriculum content. And we are ready!

We would like to invite our community members to participate in our June pilot launch, as we refine, test, and improve our product. If you are interested in participating, and doing lessons at home with your child this summer, click here to register!

About the Author:
Katie Becker is Director of Aspen Entrepreneurial Institute and Aspen Youth Leadership Institute at Aspen Academy.

Katie came to Aspen Academy in 2009 and has served as a Teacher, Instructional Coach, Character and Leadership Director, and Middle School Director. She began working in architecture after graduating from CU Boulder but soon found that her heart was in education. She then earned her Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and went on to hold teaching positions in middle school and elementary grades.

She believes that seeing the student as the most critical aspect of education and allowing them to flourish based on who they are is what draws her so close to Aspen and its ideals. She has three children and enjoys everything that the beautiful mountains have to offer, including skiing, hiking, and biking, as well as spending time with interior design, books, and a camera.

Katie is available to speak on various topics in leadership and entrepreneurship to community groups. Click here to contact Katie about speaking.