Students Create Light Shows in STEAM

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Katie Behrmann

Seventh grade students recently combined both circuitry and computer programming to create light shows along with their favorite songs. Using Arduino code, software, and circuit boards, students programmed a series of LED lights to light up at different intervals while engineering a physical installation with light-altering materials. Students gained a greater understanding of electronic circuitry and algorithmic thinking, as they unlocked new modes of creative expression through science and tech.

Watch a couple short examples here and here.




About the Author


Katie Behrmann, STEAM Instructor

Katie Behrmann has been teaching STEAM education for 10 years now in museums, schools, universities, libraries, abroad, and at national parks. She is passionate about incorporating socio-scientific issues, identity, evidence, and emerging technologies in her teaching. Katie has worked with diverse youth of all ages exploring the wonders of the natural and engineered worlds. She loves foraging for mushrooms, cycling, hiking, knitting, and vegan cooking.



B.S., Biology, University of Michigan
M.A., Instructional Technology and Media, Columbia University