Day Camps: Finding the Right Fit

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Mary Stein

The choices people make about where their children spend time outside the home has always held my curiosity. I often wonder which road map or compass parents use to find their perfect parenting North Star.

Being a mother of twin boys, I am keenly aware of what I need in order to feel comfortable about my children’s involvement in extracurricular activities. I want my children to be surrounded by safe, mature and compassionate adults who will hold them accountable while also having fun and playing with them. I want them in a place where their unique needs are met and for those in charge to help them learn and grow at their own pace. And I want these role models to embody a high degree of mindfulness as conscious leaders.

I wish for total alignment between my son’s programing and their individual needs. None of this can happen without being able to hold an organization accountable by providing a physically and emotionally safe place. Ultimately, I want my children to grow physically, emotionally and spiritually.

This time of year holds many parenting decisions for us as to where our children go to school and spend their summers.

Join us at Dream BIG Day Camp this Spring Break and summer. We have a few spaces left for you and consider our Aspen Academy families special members of our community. Let's speak the same language and be kind, do good, work hard and make the world a better place all year round.


Spring Break Camp

Summer Camp at Aspen Academy


Mary Stein is the proud founder, owner and director of Dream BIG Day Camp, Denver’s premier camping experience for children. After leaving a successful NYC/Westchester County counseling career with children and families, she has enjoyed over 31 years in the camping community. Founded in 2005, Dream BIG Day Camp is a culmination of her own dream of returning to Denver and starting a first class children’s camp. Aspen Academy is proud to host Dream BIG Day Camp's Greenwood Village Campus each summer. Registration is now open for summer camps. Click here for details.