School is Out and You Have to Work: 5 Kid-Friendly Ideas for Presidents Day

Mary Stein

Here we go again…another holiday where the kids have no school but you still have to work. You’d like to conduct business from home but that isn’t the best option since your little one interrupted the last video call. What activities can your child partake in so that you aren’t caught red-handed putting Legos together while reviewing P&L Statements?

Here are a few things to consider this Presidents Day before making a decision where to send your little one. 

  1. Ask if Before/After Care is available.
  2. Ask if snacks and lunch are included or available nearby for purchasing.
  3. Inquire about someone administering your child’s medication.
  4. Inquire about the camper: staff ratios.
  5. Ask if the outfit is licensed by the Division of Early Care & Learning.


Some great local options:

Bladium Sports & Fitness Club-Stapleton
4-12 years

Denver Tour Club-Denver
5-12 years

Winter Safari Mini-Camps at the Denver Zoo-Denver
4-9 years

Rocky Mountain Theater for Kids-Englewood
5-12 years

Nature Camp: President’s Day-South Platte Park and Carson Nature Center-Littleton
6-12 years


One final thought. Consider gathering a few families to carpool. This cuts down on commuting time and makes the trip a special outing for the kids.

Good luck and don’t sweat it, you are not the only parent juggling work and play.


Mary Stein is the proud founder, owner and director of Dream BIG Day Camp, Denver’s premier camping experience for children. After leaving a successful NYC/Westchester County counseling career with children and families, she has enjoyed over 31 years in the camping community. Founded in 2005, Dream BIG Day Camp is a culmination of her own dream of returning to Denver and starting a first class children’s camp. Aspen Academy is proud to host Dream BIG Day Camp's Greenwood Village Campus each summer. Registration is now open for summer camps. Click here for details.