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On Gratitude

  • Child Development
  • Gratitude
Kristina Scala

When I reflect on gratitude, I’m reminded of the connection between learning resilience and gratitude. As children grow, it’s natural to want to remove barriers and witness their success. However, there are ways our students practice skills that create resilience as they learn. Although it might be hard for us as parents, it’s important for us to foster learning and allow our children to problem-solve in difficult moments.

Our kids don’t develop resilience and grit without having the opportunity to practice those skills, just like building a muscle. For example, if you’re lifting a barbell, you start with 10 pounds, then move to 20 pounds, then 30, and eventually get to 50.

For our students to create this ever-important life skill, they must:

  1. Experience getting through something difficult on their own.
  2. Connect that they’re contributing to their community in some way.


Reflecting on what worked in the situation and how they pushed through is an act of gratitude. In the coming week, as you celebrate gratitude, we’ll be celebrating all the remarkable growth of our students this year.

We’re grateful to have you in our community.

About the Author:

Kristina Scala is the Founder and President of Aspen Academy, Aspen Youth Leadership Institute, Aspen Entrepreneurial Institute, Aspen Academy Investment Fund, Bear’s Student Enterprises, and MODI. Scala is a thoughtful and creative leader, passionate entrepreneur, enthusiastic educator and master facilitator who presents on topics of education and personal, leadership, entrepreneurial, and parenting development. She works to inspire and motivate people to live a purposeful and authentic life through being kind, doing good, and making the world better through what we think, say, and do.