3 Ways to Create More Kindness & Dignity

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Aspen Academy



On March 5, renowned speaker and author, Rosalind Wiseman, shared her powerful message with a group of hundreds of parents at Aspen Academy. These three takeaways stood out. 

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1. Be a Good Villager: As Wiseman explained, it's paramount that we view all children as our own -- with a commitment to the success of all children. That includes not gossiping about or labeling other children or our own.

What difference does it make when we view all children with the same care, concern, and dignity?

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2. There are Many Aspects of Happiness: To be happy people need meaning beyond themselves, a sense of hope, social connection, satisfying work, and a place to process and find peace.

How do you provide these for yourselves and for your students? 

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3. Perspective is key: Wiseman shared, "It’s a moment not a lifetime."

How often do we find ourselves caught up in feeling like a situation is long-term (like the climate) versus short-term (like the weather)? 


What takeaways resonated for you? What have you practiced from Wiseman's talk that you'd like to share with others? Please share in the comments below.


Special thank you to Aspen Academy PCO for their support throughout this event and for making Rosalind's visit possible. 

More about Rosalind Wiseman & Cultures of Dignity

A sought-after speaker on bullying, parenting, ethical leadership, and the use of social media, Rosalind’s presentations transcend cultural and economic boundaries in her appeal to ensure children’s and teenagers’ well being. Each year Rosalind works with tens of thousands of students, educators, parents, counselors, coaches, and administrators to create communities based on the belief that each person has a responsibility to treat themselves and others with dignity. For more information, visit culturesofdignity.com