Making Math Fun! Engaging Activities for 3-7 Year Olds

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Perhaps you have a child who loves math and can’t get enough of it. 

Or, perhaps you’re looking for ways to sneak it into your child’s summer routine like you might sneak cauliflower into their brownies

Regardless, keeping math at the forefront with simple activities will make a dramatic difference when they return to school next month (wait, we’re half-way through summer?!). 

Our faculty has pulled together these simple ways to keep the math skills at the forefront while also enjoying some fun that happens outside of school during summer break for our youngest learners!


Incoming PreK/K

  1. Have your child count and sort (water balloons, silverware, snacks) each day. 

  2. Go on “numbers” scavenger hunt at the local park or pool -- stopping to note the numbers you find in daily life.

  3. Ask questions to encourage critical thinking, including: “How many more…”(laps will you take on your bicycle in the next two minutes?); “How many would we have if we ___ less?” (How many more s’mores can we make with the supplies we have left? How many would we have if we gave two to a friend?)


Incoming Grade 1

  1. Read and write numbers each day from 1-100 (the number, not the word -- e.g. 1, 2, 3). Make the world’s longest hopscotch with numbers!

  2. Compare numbers from 0-100 (e.g. “Twelve boats is how many more than five boats?” “Sixty skateboards is how many more than forty-two?”) 

  3. Have them create and complete their own puzzles to develop visual spatial awareness. 


Incoming Grade 2

  1. Speed games are a great way to encourage these children to stay engaged with math. Develop fluency with speed games to practice addition facts (0-20).

  2. Practice fluency and speed with subtraction facts (0-20).

  3. Cook with your children and have them measure and weigh ingredients. “If we have 2 tablespoons and need 5, how many more do we need to include?”


Having simple routines around math (and other subjects) supports each child’s momentum for learning year-round. We believe in fostering a love of learning and curiosity that serves students throughout their life. Here’s to your incredible summer!


Our vision for math and Aspen Academy students: 

Our mathematics students accept new challenges with confidence. They apply the problem-solving skills they’ve learned in mathematics across all disciplines. They have a level of perseverance that guides them through complex situations and have the resourcefulness to seek unique solutions. They have no fear of failure because they know that through failure discovery happens. They see mathematical solutions being applied to local and global endeavors in a socially conscious manner. Our teachers provide safe spaces and opportunities for students to be brave and explore strategies and solutions.  

Our students embrace learning through practice and taking risks. Students apply multiple strategies for problem solving through collaboration with peers and adults. They recognize the need for efficiency, precision, and accuracy to determine efficient and productive solutions. Students critically analyze how mathematics plays a role in our world and recognize the discipline is instrumental in solving global problems. Our teachers model positive behavior by engaging in their own learning and seek opportunities for their personal growth. 

Our students are collaborative and open-minded realizing that the global community is comprised of differences to be celebrated and valued. They are tenacious in their search for solutions that benefit the greater good. They are adaptable and can effortlessly adjust within ever-changing atmospheres. They are prepared to take on new challenges both within the realm of mathematics and beyond. Our teachers envision mathematics as a window into serving the world around us.  Together we are empowered to use our passion for mathematics to positively influence the world. 


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