HVAC & Ventilation Upgrades at Aspen Academy

Phillip Romero

This summer and over the past few weeks, our team has been hard at work improving the HVAC and ventilation systems throughout the school. The work we have done will help to protect not only students but also the staff. We have taken the time to thoroughly complete all CDC required guidelines for returning to school. This includes installing MERV 13 filters in all HVAC units, purchasing Medify medical grade air purifiers, and completing deep ducts clean throughout the school. Additionally, we installed the highly advanced GPS detect purification system. These are all tools to neutralize viruses, including but not limited to COVID-19, and purify air quality throughout the building. Altogether, the school has invested more than $100,000 to maintain the health and safety of students and staff.

As a guide, buildings up to code should already be replacing the inside air with outside air three times and hour. But, with COVID, that should be doubled to six exchanges per hour and, ideally, nine exchanges per hour. At Aspen Academy, we achieve up to 10 exchanges per hour.

We are grateful to work in a community that prioritizes the health and safety of all. 

About the Author

phillip romero

Phillip Romero, Facility & Campus Manager

Mr. Romero comes to Aspen Academy with 11 years of experience in residential, commercial, and facility maintenance. Beginning at Forest City Enterprises in the residential department as a grounds keeper, Phillip was progressively promoted.

He has an Associate's Degree in religion and is currently pursuing his B.A. in project management.

At Aspen Academy, he is looking forward to being part of an excellent staff and being in an environment where he knows he can grow and achieve many things.

In his free time, Phillip is a missionary with a ministry in Cuba. He enjoys spending time with his wife with 3 beautiful daughters.