How to Start a Conversation with a Second Grader: Focus on Gratitude

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Jennifer Gravlee, 2nd Grade Instructor, Language Arts, Student Leadership & Entrepreneurship Coach

Parents often approach us on how to start a conversation with their child about their day. Teachers usually give advice about not just asking, "How was your day?" or "Who played with you at recess?"

We encourage starters such as, "Tell me your favorite part of your day." or "Tell me one kind thing you did for someone today." Another idea would be to keep a gratitude journal. You could have one as a family or each family member could have one.

Take time everyday to record at least five things you are thankful for today. Even if it is as simple as, "I am healthy." A goal could be to direct your conversations to listing things in your journal everyday and then you could talk as a family on some goals you may have to make tomorrow even better. Our goal is to focus on growth mindset versus fixed mindset.

I, personally, plan to start my gratitude journal this week as well, so feel free to have the kiddos ask me what I am grateful for, but I will be asking them the same question. As always, thank you for being a great partnership and team as we help our little leaders grow daily.

Growth vs. Fixed Mindset graphic