Hosting a Book Tasting: Bringing Books to Life for Students

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Gabriella Fratta

As a teacher, I am always looking for new ways to get kids excited about books and reading. This year, hosting “book tastings” has been such a hit! As an avid reader and book lover, one of the most important things for me is to try and instill a love of reading in all my students.


The best way to get kids (and adults!) excited about books is to expose them to as many different kinds as possible. For the students in my class, I’ve found the best way to become a community of readers is to create book clubs within our class. It is important that children have choice and feel empowered when choosing books.


Hosting a book tasting is  perfect for this. I choose 4 books that fit within the genre that we’re studying, represent diverse perspectives and characters, and are appropriate for my 4th grade readers. During a book tasting each student gets to “sample” all of the books. They are given a menu to fill out that has a spot for a brief reflection on the first impressions of each book and are also able to read reviews online if time permits. Reading online reviews is a great way to practice being a good digital citizen!


After sampling each book the students then rate which book they would like to read on a scale of 1-4. This is a great way for me to put students in to book clubs with books they are interested in reading. The students love the exposure to new and different books, and especially love when our classroom transforms into a restaurant. Happy Reading!

Gabriella Fratta is a 4th Grade Instructor in Language Arts and Student Leadership & Entrepreneurship Coach at Aspen Academy. Gabriella earned her B.S. and M.Ed. in Early Childhood Education and Teaching from Colorado State University. She began teaching at Aspen Academy in 2013. She has taught all subjects and loves them all equally. Her favorite thing about Aspen is the community and families she gets to work with. She enjoys spending time with her husband, Lou, and their English Bulldog, Tammy Taylor. They love to cook, camp, travel, spend time with family, and be outside.

Fourth graders at Aspen Academy experience a year of tremendous personal and academic growth. We will strive to build a supportive environment where every student is understood, respected and encouraged to take risks, while celebrating differences. In fourth grade we view failure as an opportunity to grow, and move forward with developing problem solving and goal setting skills. Students will be supported as individuals and as a part of their grade level community while having fun! 

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