Found Object Art -- From Ordinary to Extraordinary

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Octavia Betz

Our art students continue learning and expressing their artistry while at home in new and exciting ways. The project was based on the artwork of Instagram artist Adam Hillman, who defines himself as an "Object Arranger." Adam uses everyday objects that can be found around the home and arranges them into visually pleasing layouts by hand -- without tools like Photoshop. Given the nature of how we are living now, this felt like a great assignment for our students. To prepare, we reviewed color theory and discussed composition. The students went on a live scavenger hunt around their houses to find things the could arrange as practice. Once we were done experimenting, students created two different compositions that incorporated color theory and some form of symmetry.

One student choose a monochromatic color scheme (yellow) that used radial symmetry for her first work. For the second piece, the student used color as emphasis and actually melted down her Easter Candy to hand dip and drizzle chocolate on their piece. I was impressed by the partisanship and use of materials. 

Enjoy these masterpieces by our students! 




About the Author

Octavia Betz, Visual Arts Instructor

Octavia has taught art in several different capacities throughout her career with ages 1-95. She loves that at Aspen, our students have many opportunities to explore their identities, which can be as broad as they want it to be. Outside of work, she likes to create art of her own and enjoys the outdoors with her family. She is currently working on a trapeze act while camping with her husband.