Construyendo un zoológico: 1st Graders Design a Zoo in Spanish Class

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Brita Gaeddert

Animals are a hit with many 1st graders, so trips to the zoo and exploring the creativity of building your own zoo was a challenge our students recently rose to the occasion to construct!

Students were asked to design a zoo map with five+ animals and five+ places, then label it in Spanish and colores! They made venn diagrams to brainstorm the type of habitat the animals would need and what they wanted to include. From that, they created a rough draft, then the final.

A student's rough draft:

Rough draft of student's zoo map in Spanish

Some finished works:

final Zoo maps in Spanish

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Brita Gaeddert

Brita Gaeddert, Full Time Substitute

Brita started working with school-aged children as a camp counselor and creator of a summer Drama Program. She then worked for six years at Empower Retirement and ACCESS Destination Services gaining knowledge in client focused implementation and project management. Now, Brita is eager to be a member of the Aspen Academy community, using her varied experience to help students live their mission of excellence in academics and personal growth. Brita loves yoga, biking, concerts, and homemade pizza with her husband, Ben, and their hound dog, Murphy. Brita earned her Bachelor’s degree in Economics with a Minor in Music (voice) from Linfield University. She is currently pursuing her Master of Education degree in Elementary Education.


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