Connecting as a Community: A Note from our PCO President

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Debbie Schwartz

Aspen Friends-

For those who don’t already know me, my name is Debbie Schwartz, and I am mom to Ben in third grade, as well as PCO President.  (Parent Civic Organization, Aspen Academy’s version of PTO)

Many things may look and feel different this year, I know that it’s easy to feel disconnected from the incredible Aspen Academy families that make our community remarkable. If you’re feeling that way, you’re not alone. We joined the community five years ago, and a few weeks into the school year, I realized that finding your place can be hard and finding our “home” during a pandemic has definitely made it harder.  What made it easier was the beacon of kindness that surrounded us: you always have a place in our community.  I want each and every one of you to feel the same way that we have felt.

In a year when many of our families are  each facing our own challenges, we can still play a special role here. It may not mean volunteering in the traditional sense, a simple call or email or saying “hi” to another parent at pick-up is just as important (if not more) than logging volunteer hours.  You haven’t heard a lot from PCO this year because we have focused on our teachers, and I want to invite our families to re-engage in ways that are meaningful, within the current guidelines.

It’s hard not to hug favorite teachers and staff on their birthdays, get advice and love them in person. We’re each called to create new relationships and connect in different ways this year (often over Zoom). I take so much comfort in the fact that our kids get the same, if not even more, love from them.  Stay tuned for emails about Teacher Appreciation week so you can share your love and gratitude with them!

Going forward, I will be sending a monthly email about what PCO is excited about.  This summer we will continue to embrace our community with some speakers focusing on issues that are close to our hearts.  Also, know that we are working so hard to find ways to get everyone involved.  I really want everyone to feel the sense of community that I am so passionate about. I want Aspen Academy to feel like a home for you all.


All the best,

Debbie Schwartz


Here are some events to attend and enjoy with other Aspen Academy families!

April 22, 2021: Parent University @ 9:30am | RSVP

April 22, 2021: Parent Social (Game Night) @ 7:00pm | RSVP

May 12, 2021: Monthly Town Hall with Head of School @ 5:00pm | register here

May 13, 2021: Parent University @ 9:30am | RSVP

May 18, 2021: Parent Social (Trivia Night) @ 7:00pm | RSVP



To get involved or learn more about PCO, click here

About the Author

Debbie Schwartz, PCO President

Debbie Schwartz, PCO President

PCO MISSION: “Together we inspire an enthusiastic and intentional community of families that foster Aspen Academy’s mission, vision and values.”

Our goal is to create an intentional school community that works together to support the needs and efforts of the teachers, administration, students, and families. The PCO exists to create an edifying experience that inspires greater aspirations for authentic community leadership. We are proud of our unique civic leadership structure that is modeled after our federal government system and includes all community stakeholders.

Every parent is a part of Aspen Academy’s Parent Civic Organization. Each year your contribution of $100 per child creates the budget that allows Aspen Academy to live its values outloud! The PCO budget funds gatherings and celebrations that embrace our values.

Each one of us is part of the creation and sustainability of a diverse and driven parent community that strives to support Aspen Academy’s mission and vision. Biannual full PCO meetings are a chance for parents, with or without a leadership position within the PCO, administrators, teachers, and community leaders to: 

BE KIND: Collaborate and inspire members of this sacred space. DO GOOD: Set positive intentions and lean into sharing your unique gifts of time and talent.WORK HARD: Make this the most amazing place possible for the small humans that walk Aspen Academy’s halls on a daily basis.This helps our students have every tool necessary to MAKE THE WORLD BETTER.