Celebrating Challenge, Community and Compassion

  • Child Development
Jessie Skipwith

Every week I have the wonderful opportunity of working with my Impact class in our new Zoom platform. Impact is our Middle School class that guides students through a process of self-discovery, healthy risk-taking and learning to embrace an openness to growth in all areas of their lives.  Three days a week I come together with a wonderful group of students who share their challenges, their at-home learning experiences, and so many of the critically thought out, creative solutions that they are coming up with to overcome many of these new obstacles.

This week, Aspen Academy intentionally leveraged the celebration of our essential workers and first responders into our curricular programming. One key member of our Aspen Academy family is Officer Steve Nelson. Officer Nelson serves as our school resource officer and this week we were able to reach out directly with Officer Nelson from Aspen Academy for his first official Zoom experience. We’re so happy we were able to be such a  big part of this experience for him.

During our online Zoom session, we were able to thank Officer Nelson for his service to the Aspen Academy community. We were able to celebrate the wonderful relationships that we have built with him and how he brings his kindness and dedication to our school and to each one of us. Our online class time together allowed us to share our personal gratitude for his service and his selfless leadership to Aspen Academy and the larger community.

Officer Nelson also availed himself to the students for their many questions. Students asked Officer Nelson about how things are similar and how they are different now that we are observing stay at-home practices and participating in our online distance learning platform. Students were able to gain tremendous insight from Officer Nelson as he shared his many observations while continuing his service as an essential worker in our community.

We are so grateful to Officer Nelson for taking time out of his day to be with us here at Aspen Academy.  Thank you, Officer Nelson, for all that you do for so many people! 

Be safe and be well,

Mr. Skipwith and Aspen Academy Impact Class