Bringing Entrepreneurs Together: Inspiring With a Vision for Innovative Education

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Carolyn Ash, Ed.D.

lovie cunningham and charles

Last week, we welcomed amazing entrepreneurs and business leaders from across the Denver metro area at Aspen Academy for a discussion with Kristina Scala on the possibilities in education. Attendees noted how grateful they were to have the opportunity to think about education from this innovative space, and to support carrying out some of Aspen Academy's best practices throughout the community, "Unless you see another reality, you can't imagine something different."

Here's what some of our visitors had to say about the experience:

"I was honored to a member of the inaugural  Entrepreneurs' Lunch and Tour. I was blown away by Aspen Academy -- from the openness of the staff to the focus of the students that I observed, with the tools that are offered to the students in order for them to be successful, and the expectations placed on the students by themselves and staff. Where was Aspen Academy when I was trying to make my way through school and then start a business?" - donnie l. betts (lowercase intentional) owner of No Credits Productions, a full service production company; communication coordinator at Center for Advancing Professional Excellence

"I was pleasantly surprised by the interactive experience of attending an Entrepreneurs' Lunch and Tour at Aspen Academy. The discussion was not only engaging but also inspiring as I was excited to learn about the background behind the curriculum and to meet Kristina Scala, the founder, in person. Joining this conversation will not only connect you with other entrepreneurs but inspire you to learn more about the future of education and ways to get involved." - Krystal Covington, Founder of Women of Denver 

""The meeting was very eye-opening. I never knew a school like this existed. It was truly the most amazing school I have ever seen... allowing the students to take responsibility to lead and learn. I commend you all. Thank you again for allowing me to come visit and be part of something different & special!" - Charles Doss, Line Dance Instructor

"The Entrepreneurial Luncheon was very impactful! I was especially impressed with the beauty of the theater and bookstore at Aspen Academy. It was awesome to see that the students run the Theater's sound system as well as the bookstore! It was inspiring to discover the unique offering of well rounded advanced curriculum from a global perspective even for the youngest students. As an entrepreneur, I was particularly moved by the positive encouragement Aspen Academy offers to its student body to experience developing and operating a business several times as part of their growth. Aspen Academy is definitely cultivating positive leaders!" - Rhoda Johnson, Founder, Rhoda Design Group

"The future of education is here at the Aspen Academy. Kristina Scala and her team are committed to the growth mindset of our children by providing all who enter the opportunity to actually learn, initiate on their own creative solutions, implement, and potentially fail. This is were leaning happens and helps students become the global citizens we need for tomorrow's workforce. Take a tour and see active solutions to today educational challenges. I did in full support Aspen Academy efforts. Thank you for moving us forward.” - Sean Evans Moore, AthenA Group

Are you an entrepreneur/business leader? Would you like to be on our invite list for our next educational/networking event? Email me. We'd love to see you there!

Photos (C) Charles Doss. Pictured in top photo: Carolyn Ash and Charles Doss. Pictured in middle photo: donnie betts and Lovie Cunningham. Pictured in bottom photo: Carolyn Ash and Rhoda Johnson.