Back-to-School: Suggestions for Smooth Transitions (for parents & children)

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Back-to-school can feel both an exciting and overwhelming time for many parents and children. Our directors offer easy suggestions to support students and parents in the transition from summer to school.


1. Get Into Your Routine Early

For younger students, Debbie Cordero, PreK Director, recommends starting your routine early: "Little ones should start laying their clothes out in the evening, going to bed on time, wake up and eat as they would for school days. For the younger kids who might be having apprehension, parents can sense what their child needs in order maximize a successful transition from summer to school. You know your child best, double check yourself to make sure you are you aren't talking about school too much or too little. Some children might become anxious about the new endeavor while you are just trying to generate excitement. Others may need more information to process before the school year begins. If so, come by and visit the campus a couple times or set up time to spend with future classmates outside of the school setting."

2. Start a Sleep Routine 

"Start getting back into a sleep routine that is beneficial for school and not summer," shares Middle School Director, Corey Sampson. "Remember 9-11 hours is recommended for school age kids." The National Sleep Foundation offers more on sleep here.

3. Create a Space for Focus for Schoolwork

Sampson also urges parents and students to: "Create a distraction free zone for homework. No electronics (TV, extra laptops, tablets etc.) except those needed for school, in an area that can be easily monitored by parents to help and ensure the student is on task. 


We can't wait to see you soon. What are your favorite ways to celebrate coming back to school? Share in the comments below!