Aspen Crew Care: Focusing on Health & Wellness in 2021-2022

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Lilly Raboin

Over the summer, Aspen Crew Care has been working hard on creating a fun wellness-based year for our team.

What is Aspen Crew Care?

Aspen Crew Care is our internal program that strives to increase the well-being and interconnectedness of all employees, through the enhancement of many aspects of wellness. Our goals are to increase awareness of positive health behaviors, to motivate our team to adopt healthier behaviors, to provide opportunities and a supportive environment to foster positive lifestyle changes, and to create an environment and enable greater interconnectedness among employees. Going into our third year of this program, we will continue to offer wellness challenges, fitness events and activities, education on health topics, and opportunities to grow as a community. This year, we have formed an awesome team of volunteers to lead and implement the program: Lisa Teets, Lilly Raboin, Jenn Gravlee, Brooke Jenzano, Katie Stein, Calynd Gee and Cindy Hewatt.

What to Look Forward to This Quarter

You will receive a weekly email with a “Goal of the Week” and a short PERMA note. PERMA is a positive psychology theory that outlines 5 elements to a flourishing individual in the Wellbeing Theory.

We’ve launched the first wellness challenge of the year already, and will promote health-themed events and classes.

PERMA Note of the Week: PERMA is an acronym for the 5 characteristics Dr. Martin Seligman found people pursue because they are intrinsically motivating and they contribute to wellbeing.

P- Positive Emotion

E- Engagement

R- Relationships (Specifically positive relationships)

M- Meaning

A- Accomplishments/Achievements

Expect a more detailed description of each component in the coming weeks. For more information on PERMA, see this link.

We look forward to keeping Aspen Academy faculty and staff even healthier and happier this year! For more on wellness at Aspen Academy, click here.

About the Author

Lilly Raboin, 8th Grade Elevate Math and Consumer & Family Sciences Instructor

Lilly grew up in a small resort town in Northern Minnesota and received her Bachelor’s in Science from Minnesota State University, Mankato. During college, she tutored math for 3 years with students in grades K-12. Since graduating, she has taught in Adult Education in the non-profit sector. She enjoys road trips, social events, and volunteering.


A.A., Central Lakes College
B.S., Family Consumer Science: Child Development and Family Studies, Minnesota State University - Mankato