Aspen Academy Extra Curricular Update

John Woodward

Thank you so much for your support and patience as we open up our Extra Curricular program to bring such enriching opportunities for your children.

I'd like to offer some clarification about the way your student transitions from dismissal at the end of the day to EITHER Extended Care or Extra Curricular activities. At all times your student is supervised by an adult during this transition time. This is not a change in routine, but rather ensuring you understand the process.

  • IF your student has an Extra Curricular after school, they will stay with their class and homeroom teacher during their designated dismissal. That means that they will walk out to dismissal with their entire class and the homeroom teacher will then bring them back into the school building to meet their designated Extra Curricular teacher/coach. 
  • IF your student is registered for Extended Care and an Extra Curricular on the same day, they will follow their regular routine dismissal to Extended Care and the adult will sign them into Extended Care. They will be offered a snack at that time, and then an Extended Care staff member will escort them to their Extra Curricular activity to meet their designated teacher. 

We understand that for some of our younger students, transitions can be more challenging. Please ensure you have discussed the routine for your child each day so that they can feel confident and secure. All teachers have a list of students and the extracurricular they attend. 

Please also be aware that participation in an Extra Curricular provided by an outside vendor means that all communication will be provided by them. Contact information was provided in your confirmation email from that vendor. 


If you have any specific questions or concerns, please email me

About the Author

john woodward

John Woodward, Director of Leadership and Programs

John Woodard has landed in Colorado after profound experiences teaching and learning around the world. Home for John and his family has moved from Massachusetts, Maine and Maryland to Brazil, Qatar, Thailand and most recently, Malaysia. John received his Masters in Education from Lesley University (Cambridge, MA) and his BA from College of the Atlantic (Bar Harbor, ME).

From teaching in unique spots around the world, to leading and sparking change in schools and organizations to parenting, John’s experiences bloom with our movement towards DEI and an innovative approach to hands-on and contextual education, just two of the characteristics that make Aspen Academy such a special place. John is thrilled to be in a place whose values are deeply rooted and meaningful where each individual’s strengths, passions and talents are discovered, nurtured, curated and celebrated.

When not in school, John spends time with his lovely wife, Caroline, and two terrific teenagers, one off to college this year. As much time outdoors, playing with dogs, enjoying delicious food, and spending time with family and friends top the list of other things to do!


B.A., College of the Atlantic
M.Ed., Lesley University