A Time to Celebrate Writing: GLOW Party!

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Susan Perkins

To celebrate: to acknowledge a significant event with an enjoyable activity.

We often think of celebrating our successes in school as being about the grades we receive on a test or paper. Students may be celebrated at home, but why not where the learning happens?  In 6th grade Communication and Literacy, the celebrations happen daily with high fives, shout outs (acknowledgements), and personal notes either on the work or to the student. But best of all, Writing and Reading Celebrations that occur at the end of some of our units.

One such celebration happened recently, as we celebrated our writing. Sixth graders completed writing their personal narratives, making great strides in the writing process. As a celebration, we chose our GLOW (the best or favorite) paragraphs to share with other writers. They celebrated each other by reading and commenting on each other's work and then enjoying a specially decorated treat. It was a time filled with congratulatory messages, friendship, kindness, and a time to recognize that they worked hard and used what was learned.

When student writers are allowed to share their writing with their peers and others, they are acknowledged, they are valued, and their work and effort mean something. As a teacher, I am so proud of what they accomplished; even more, I am proud of the writers they are!


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About the Author

Susan Perkins, 6th Grade Instructor, Language Arts, Student Leadership & Entrepreneurship Coach

Mrs. Perkins previous taught in classrooms in Douglas County and Springfield Public Schools, following a career in business. She has a B.S. in Education from Southwest Minnesota State University and worked on her Masters in Education while in Springfield.

"Some of my favorite subjects to teach are writing and reading. I love to see a student’s stories come to life as they progress through the writing workshop. Seeing a child’s eyes light up as they begin to put sounds together to make words and independently read a book is a sight I can watch over and over and forever be amazed."

Mrs. Perkins lives in Parker and enjoys spending time with her husband of 25 years, Steve and their two sons.