A Thank You From Sixth Grade

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Jack C., Sixth Grade Student

Dear Aspen Community,

Hello. My name is Jack C. and I am in the sixth grade here at Aspen. For 1 month I was in charge of the communications team for the Sixth grade homeless donations service project. Sitting down to write this letter, I was extremely happy about what we as a community were able to accomplish. Every day for two weeks, we had sixth graders standing outside the front doors, collecting donations left and right from our generous donors, people who helped us so much along the way. We started this project with the intention of making a few bags to help out the homeless population here in Denver. We accomplished this plus so much more, having a stash of filled-up backpacks and hundreds of dollars to donate to shelters and people on the streets. I think of the Aspen community as an Aspen tree, all different and unique, however connected by the same roots. Everyone here wants to make the world better, and when all of us set aside our differences and connect, the impact can be huge. So today, think about the impact you made on the people that are abandoned on the streets, that can’t get a kick-start, that need another chance at this harsh world. Think about the impact you made on your own community, inside and outside Aspen. Then think about the impact we could make if we all agreed to set aside our differences and opinions and worked together to truly change the world. I also wanted to take this opportunity to point out some sixth graders who worked so hard and passionately to help out the homeless. Jayah G. walked from car to car at drop off, not moving on until they helped us in our mission. The poster team made up of four students created posters that would be hung up all over the school. Many students volunteered to hold signs, not expecting anything in return. Last, Olivia L. and Lauren A. helped shuttle pounds and pounds of donations to the sixth grade classrooms. Most of all, I wanted to thank the people who generously donated, helping us make a difference. It takes a village to make a mark on the world, and because of our community, many homeless people are getting another chance. Thank you.

- Jack C., 6th grade


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