8th Grade Kicks Off Service Learning Projects for 2021-2022

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Maureen Mullen

During the first week of school, with apple tree branches filled with apples, 8th graders set to work harvesting the apples.

Then, the class donated the majority of our apple harvest to a local food bank in Littleton serving 350 individuals in our community weekly. The fresh fruit was greatly appreciated.

The food bank is run by the Life Center in Littleton. Although faith-based, they serve any individual needing assistance.

Service learning -- and servant leadership -- is one of the essential aspects of leadership at Aspen Academy, and an important value: “Do Good.” Each year, Aspen students complete a combined 7,000 hours dedicated to serving others.

students harvesting apples from orchard at Aspen Academy
students harvesting apples from orchard at Aspen Academy
shelves at Littleton food bank
apples in bins at Littleton food bank


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Maureen Mullen bio

Maureen Mullen, 7th & 8th Grade Instructor, Algebra & Geometry,  Student Leadership & Entrepreneurship Coach

Maureen began her career in corporate education working for MetLife and Visa. She transitioned to the K-8 setting ten years ago because she was ready for a new challenge that continues to bring her great satisfaction. Maureen holds a BA from Siena College, Teacher Licensure from Metropolitan State University, and a M.Ed. in from Concordia University.

Maureen loves working at Aspen because of the relationships she develops with her students. In addition to spending time with her family, Maureen loves running, hiking and skiing.