3 Questions to Support Safer Technology Use With Your Children

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Katie Lee

Technology is everywhere. Soon, we could even have technology implanted into our bodies, so we can be tracked and on demand at every moment. Scary? Yes. How can we educate our youth on the safety and security of our online presence? We have to begin these conversations at home.

I miss the days when my home phone would ring and my siblings and I would fight over who got to answer the phone, and hear who was on the other end. We would be forced to have face-to-face conversations, utilize our time exploring the outdoors, use TGIF on Friday nights as our one-night-a-week to watch tv shows; the world has changed. Is it for the better or worse?

According to, Academic Psychiatry published in 2019, 95% of youths between 12-18 years old are using some form of technology daily in the United States. This statistic comes from the use of technology outside of school. Technology is being used for medical reasons, educational accommodations, or even creative exploration. Alongside the benefits of where technology can be useful  comes the list of potentially dangerous or legally incriminating uses.

Some questions to explore with your students at home:

  1. How often do you experience increased social anxiety due to Internet use?
  2. Do you feel withdrawn from the Internet?
  3. How often are you losing motivation due to the Internet?

Some tips of exploring the Internet with your students:

●      Ask: “What kind of video games are you playing? Are they social games?” SHOW ME

●      Ask: “Who are you talking to text/social media?”

●      Establish rules and boundaries with the use of technology at home

●      Do not trust that you are “friends” with your child on social media

●      Change privacy settings and “find my phone” permissions on your students device

●      Educate your students on etiquette and proper communication and kindness on social media platforms and technology use.

●      MODEL what you want your student to do, say and act

Overall, in this ever-changing and growing technological community, it is important that we are educating our children, showing expectations and modeling the behavior we want our students to exemplify. We must remain the parents and adults, and not ‘reward’ with more technology use. It is a social norm to provide technology to our children at a young age, but as a parent, it is your norm to determine when your child is ready and mature enough to understand the boundaries and conditions of the appropriate use of technology.


For more tips on supporting children with technology use and social emotional learning, visit our ELEVATE resources.


About the Author

Katie Lee

Katie Lee, Interim Middle School Learning Specialist

Katie comes to Aspen Academy with nearly 10 years of experience working in direct contact with students in a variety of education settings throughout the state of Colorado. She earned her Master of Education degree from Regis University, holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications, and is currently working towards her second Master's degree in Counseling from Colorado Christian University. Katie brings a collaborative and supportive approach to her work with students and has a strong affinity for the Entrepreneurial Leadership curriculum that Aspen Academy offers, having founded two private businesses herself in her previous work.