1st Graders Celebrate Making the World Better & Earth Day

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1st Grade Students
1st Grade students in Mrs. White's class are celebrating Earth Day by understanding ways they can help the Earth! In building bird feeders, they had the opportunity to follow a series of directions with partners and learn how they can contribute to the environment around them.
1st grade students work together to make bird feeders

Each student spread sunbutter on a cardboard tube, rolled the tube in seed, thread their feeder and got to take the final project home to make birds happy in their own backyard!

1st grade student rolling bird feeder in seeds

The finished project is something the students were proud to share and take home to their families!

1st grade student excited to share birdfeeder with her family

The students were eager to share their favorite ways to help the Earth:

  • "Picking up trash!"
  • "Making birds happy by making a lot of bird feeders."
  • "Making gardens and planting gardens."
  • "Picking up bags."


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