Aspen Academy

Leadership Program Structure

At Aspen Academy, we recognize that developing lifelong skills in organization and time management takes a lifetime of effort.  Our Leadership Curriculum begins in Junior Kindergarten by teaching basic skills.  As each student progresses through our curriculum, leadership is encouraged by providing students with first hand opportunities to demonstrate what they have learned.  

Leadership Development at Aspen Academy Includes:

•Pre-assessments for academic, character, personal and leadership
•First week orientation and culture setting
•Annual Leadership Retreat in 1st Semester (Middle School)
•Two hours of instruction per week – hard scheduled
•AMP’d - Bi-Weekly Student-Led Assembly
•Enhanced Mentor Program
•Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship inclusion into all Social Studies Grade Level Standards – Hard Scheduled for May/June of each year.
•Time and Organizational Management and Student Skills will be taught daily in homerooms. – Hard Scheduled
By placing such an emphasis on leadership, and including it everyday in the curriculum at Aspen Academy, students are required to give constant consideration to these principles.  
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