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Dress Code

Aspen Academy adheres to a student dress code primarily because we support the idea that it isn’t what you wear that makes you special it’s who you are as a person. Your mind, heart and character are what’s most valued here. An Aspen Academy Uniform Dress Code was established to minimize peer pressure, create socioeconomic equalization, improve the appearance of the student body, allow for better identification of members of the school community, improve students’ ability to focus in class and to reinforce an academic atmosphere.

Students not in compliance with the dress code may be asked by any faculty member to remain out of class until and if parents bring proper uniform attire for them to change into. Absence from the class will be considered an unexcused absence for all classes missed while waiting for proper attire. Unexcused absences will result in student receiving a zero for all missed work, quizzes or tests.

Students are required to have performance/field trip attire consisting of a white shirt (with logo), any approved black bottoms, and a black fleece vest with the Aspen Academy logo. All shirts must have the Aspen Academy logo.

Uniform Options

Uniform Colors

Twill or Corduroy Pants, Walking Shorts,

Capris, Skorts, Skirts Or Jumpers

Khaki, Black or Aspen Academy Plaid

Aspen Academy plaid available at Educational Outfitters

Short Or Long Sleeve Collared Shirts, Rugby Shirts, Turtlenecks, MockTurtlenecks

School Logo Required

White, Forest Green,Burgundy

Solid Color. No Designs.

Knit Dresses

School Logo Required

Forest Green or Burgundy

Available at Land’s End

Sweaters Or Vests

School Logo Required

Forest Green, Burgundy or Black


Only Aspen Academy sweatshirts/hoodies/zip-up jackets may be worn in class.

Available for purchase at Bear’s StudentStore

Socks, Leggings and Tights

White, Forest Green, Burgundy orBlack


Athletic Shoes for Fitness Classes Suggested: Close Toed Shoe for all other times

Required: Performance and Field Trip UniformBlack pants or skirt, white shirt, black polar vest or long sleeve coat with Aspen Academy logo

Aspen Academy has two approved vendors for uniform apparel:

Option #1 - Educational Outfitters

Educational Outfitters is located at the northeast corner of County Line Road and South University Boulevard (next to Petsmart). A catalog brochure and approved items list are available in store. Please note that each year, Educational Outfitters has a sale on uniform purchases for all families during the months of July and December. Educational Outfitters rebates 3% of all sales back to Aspen Academy. Educational Outfitters will only embroider items purchased from their store.

Option #2 - Land's End

Aspen Academy is a member of the Lands’ End Preferred School Program. The purchase of ANY products from the Lands’ End School Uniforms catalog and at this link includes a contribution to our school. However, ONLY the products in our dress code are approved for school use. When ordering from Lands’ End, please use the Aspen Academy school ID #9001-0439-9. Visit this link to view Land's End coupons!

There are two ways to find our Dress Code clothing on www.landsend.com/school:

  1. Browse through the various indexes for Girls, Boys, Women, and Men until you find the products approved by Aspen Academy.
  2. Refer to your Lands’ End School Uniform catalog and enter the 9-digit product number of the Dress Code product you wish to order into the “search” box (found at the top right corner of every page).

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