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Spring Is Blooming, Are You?

Corinne Hancock, Director of Leadership

It's time for renewal and some spring-cleaning. Cultures and faith traditions around the world from the beginning of civilization have adopted different rituals for cleaning out the old to make space for something new. Why not take the time to spring clean ourselves? Changes in seasons call for us to adapt and constantly co-create with the changing environment outside and within.

Spring flowers

Here are five steps you can take to prepare for the new season:

Take a minute to just stop, breathe and look around. Look at your life, your job, your family, and your environment. Just as our external environment is constantly evolving, so are we.

Reflect and Examine

Take some time and reflect on what is working and what is not. What do you want to spring clean? Not just in your home and garden but within yourself as well. What has changed in your life and your priorities? What's important to you now? What's a sense of purpose that energizes you?

Create some actionable goals from your reflection time. Divide them into categories:
  • Personal/Emotional
  • Work
  • Environment
  • Family
What is one thing you are willing to give up today that will help you flow with the change? What one action you are committing to take today to be fully aligned with the change you want to see?

Plant New
Create a new vision of what's exciting. Most of us resist change because we fear losing control. What if our mindset was one where we saw the opportunity to create something new with the changes we see? Who do you need to be to enable this new vision? (e.g. courageous, collaborative, etc). What new perspectives or attitudes do you need to embrace? What new behaviors will be required of you?

Reflect and Enjoy

If you haven't already started your gratitude practice this is the time to start. Some people have a gratitude journal that they write in every night. Some have family dinner shares of what everyone is grateful for. Some meditate, choose whatever works for you.

Take in all the good around you and share it, thank those in your life who help make it great and remember to enjoy this amazing life that you work so hard to create!

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